Framing Effect [20% Fat or 80% fat free ?]

What chocolate will you choose? The one with 80% fat-free, or with 20% of fat? Both choices will give you the same result, but people perceived 80% fat-free more healthy than 20% fat. This phenomenon is called the framing effect, which is a cognitive bias when The same outcome could be perceived differently depending on the way it’s presented.

So this article will more focus on framing effect that used in sales or marketing. So there are several ways to implement framing effect:

  1. The less frame = Adding a low-value item into a product or service offering can lead to a diminishing in consumers’ willingness to pay. Example: Adding a bonus Popsicle Ice Pops into a luxury ice cream product will drag down the value of the ice cream.
  2. The blemished frame = Adding a slight or small negative detail into a product in a list of positive features can give positive impact. Example: This bag is waterproof, fireproof, and robust, unfortunately, this bag only comes in 2 colors.
  3. The potential frame = Adding a potential number or value into a product or service feature could increase consumers’ willingness to pay. Because potential made customers to thinking and evaluate the product or service more deeply, that can trigger more and better reasons to buy that product or service.

There are more framing effect examples, but above are just some of the most popular example of framing. I hope with this article, you will not deceit by marketers who used framing effect to market their product or service.

So what do you think about our discussion about framing effect? Please tell us what do you think about this cognitive bias, tell us your experience or even your opinion in the comment below!


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