Why LGBT Laws Won’t Work [3 psychological and logical explanations]

In my last post named “Why There Are Countries That Opposing LGBT Rights – Correlation between state religion”, I upload my idea and hypothesis about the correlation between state religion and LGBT. This post is sort of part 2 but still, have a very different purpose. 

In this post, I will explain to you why I disagree the law that prohibits LGBT. That’s not necessarily mean that I am a pro-LGBT party or either an anti-LGBT party. Sincerely, I have no mean to hurt or offend both parties, this is purely my opinion.

As you know there are several countries that have a very strict law against LGBT rights. Such as death penalty, isolation, and many others. To know more about the statistic of countries that punish LGBT people, this is the statistical chart of LGBT laws in the world :


As you can see, 12 of them punish LGBT with death penalty and others categorized LGBT activities as illegal. So let’s see the reasons why I disagree with those laws :

  1. There is almost no
    A method that I think can know who is homosexual or heterosexual probably like micro expression and autonomic nervous system arousal observation toward stimulus. Autonomic nervous system is the unconscious system that operates and regulate our function, for more easy explanation let’s look at this picture :
  2. LGBT2
    For example, the observer will expose a naked lady (stimulus), if their pupils dilated (arousal/sympathy) and keep dilating for almost every similar stimulus, then we can conclude if the person aroused to a naked lady. After they exposed to a naked lady, the participant exposed to a naked man, If their pupils also dilated, the person could be bisexual.
  3. But that observation needs very intensive investigation and observation, you can’t use this method in public to scan who is LGBT and who is not in public. Clearly, this is very hard to do if applied to the macro scale (whole country). So, how the law works if the law it self is very hard to implement?
  4. The law just
  5. Because the law only reducing LGBT activities on the public, it will trigger LGBT person to doing an illegal LGBT activities. So basically because they can’t do it legally, they will do illegally. Because sex (libido), is one of the biggest motivators and drivers ever. If the government prohibit it with strict laws, their motivation/drive to having LGBT related activities will exceed their willingness to pay/obey the laws.

I think that’s all, about my reason why I think LGBT law won’t be effective.  As I said before, this is purely my opinion, so don’t take it for granted. 

Do you both parties have your own opinions about this? Tell us in the comment below!


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