Juul Epidemic from Marketing Perspective

It has been 4 years that James Monsees and Adam Bowen founded but Juul labs. Since then Juul has received a lot of lawsuit against them. Most of the lawsuit discussed how Juul advertisements are misleading and targeted to youth. One of the examples is “Case 5:18-cv-03760-EGS” issued to “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA “. The plaintiffs are complaining about:

This phenomenon started back in 2018 when Juul is highly popular with teens. This results in high schoolers use Juul even when there are in classes. Therefore there are a lot of parents that are suing Juul for this new nicotine epidemic among teens.

In this article, I want to explain my point of view about this case.

Assuming that Juul’s mission is to convert smokers to a more safe alternative which is vaping. Based on age group, there isn’t really a big choice of target markets. These are quick samples of smokers by age in various countries.

As you can see the biggest market is more on the younger side which is around 20s to 40s. As a marketer, we need to targets the larger market size so we could generate more revenue. Not only that the younger side has a bigger market, but they are also more tech-savvy and open to technology, therefore, it’s easier to attract them. So I think the reason that JUUL markets their product to younger people is because the market opportunity.

Unfortunately, JUUL marketing strategy and product design are brilliant and spot-on therefore teenagers are attracted to JUUL. Even If we look at it more closely, there is nothing new with their marketing promotions. They did what other company did:

With that in mind, I think that Juul and their marketing team is just doing their job. Besides, JUUL never uses teenager in the marketing per se, so teens are never their targets.

But because of the successful marketing strategy that Juul reinforce, teenagers are also attracted by the product. Hence, in my opinion, this teenager epidemic is collateral or additional market that Juul never intended targets.


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