Hello! I’m William, the author of Behavioral Views. If you are interested in subjects such as politics, economics, belief, mental health, etc. Well, then this is the right site for you! At behavioral views, we will be discussing topics and cases such as LGBT, conspiracy theories, marketing, and many others.

As you could see in the header, behavioral views’ tagline is divergent, profound, and arguable. That means that behavioral views post will give you in-depth and out-of-the-box analysis or reasoning on many world case and phenomenon.

But although the majority of my arguments are supported by authoritative theories & concepts, that doesn’t mean that my arguments are always correct. All of the contents in this blog are arguable, which means it could be argued, debated, and maybe I sincerely hope, someone with better idea and argument could share his/her argument in this blog. If you want a more detailed explanation about behavioral views you could check About Behavioral Views.

Where you should start?

To get the idea and the feel about behavioral views, here are some of the best posts I ever made:

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How The Mandela Effect Works? – Psychological reasons that makes sense

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